Patient Testimonials

Don’t just take our word about the stunning and dramatic results from our procedures, hear the feedback from our patients. The results speak for themselves.

USA (ultrasound assisted) Surgery

Case: 7 yr h/o RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) after left ankle scope/fusion USA Lower leg office surgery superficial peroneal nerve release/dissection

“I have had other operations – going to the hospital or out-patient centers.  This surgery was a lot easier and much more comfortable by not having to deal with anesthesia or with strangers. It made it a lot nicer going to a familiar setting.  During the surgery I was completely pain free. I felt a little bit of tugging but no pain.  My results are at least 85% effective and the benefits were great – I was able to immediately walk out of the office and move my foot.  I would absolutely choose to have the surgery again if I had too and have minimal scarring. The scarring is nothing compared to the relief I received after the procedure.  Before the surgery my pain was a 9 (even to the slightest touch) and after it dropped to a 2.5-3!”

Case: USA intermetatarsal ganglion debridement

“I would highly recommend this effective procedure to anyone who needs it!  I’m walking without any pain in my foot.  Any other surgery I have had done in the past has been done in the hospital, which has cost me a great deal more. Having my surgery done in the office was a much more pleasant experience and cost-savings. I did not experience any pain during surgery, did not use pain medicine after surgery or suffer any scarring.  Before the surgery I was in a great deal of pain, which made it difficult to walk and caused me to limp.  After the surgery, I was able to return to work the next day and did not need any physical therapy for the recovery.  During the procedure, the staff was caring and I liked being awake during the surgery even though it was a little strange to watch and not feel a thing.”

Case: USA Trigger finger release

“[The procedure had] considerable savings – at least $500 probably [or] more on it.  Great savings for the insurance companies, they must love it.  I am absolutely fantastic; very effective. Procedure was so good. I had about 3 fingers done by a hand surgeon (previously), in a hospital under general anesthesia. (the USAOP™ procedure) was great. I couldn’t tell you which finger (the doctor) did. No problems at all. You will have to tell me which one it was.  My last trigger finger done by the hand surgeon in the operating room theater has a big indented scar. It still is not straight.  Anyone I bump into that says they have a trigger finger, I tell them about (the doctor). Yes, pluses all around. It was very good, no pain.  Procedure was brilliant.  I don’t like general anesthesia.”

Case: USA 4th dorsal wrist compartment, extensors, chronic synovitis/large seroma debridement

“I thought my surgeon did a WONDERFUL JOB!  Before my procedure I suffered with swelling in my wrist swelling and pain from pressure on a nerve for up to two years.  Now I use my wrist a lot.  Thirty years ago I had a pin put in my arm.  Having this in-office procedure was excellent because I was familiar with my physician and the staff.  I had to take an over-the-counter pain medicine after and did not experience much pain at all during the surgery.  This was much easier to have the surgery in the office compared to a hospital or surgery center because of my fear of contracting pneumonia or MRSA from a hospital.   At 74 that could kill me!  I would ABSOULUTELY refer a family member or friend for the same procedure because it fixed the problem and did not result in much scarring.  I didn’t need physical therapy and my recovery was much faster than expected.  Almost immediately after surgery I was able to being moving my wrist.  I loved not having anesthesia.”

Case: USA Trigger finger release

“I highly recommend the procedure for savings. I only paid my co-pay for an office visit.  It was wonderful, as I probably saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  The surgery was 100% effective as my hand is now as functional as my other hand. It is as if nothing was ever wrong with it. It is great!  The difference in this type of surgery compared to other experiences is that it is just so different. I saved an entire day. Surgery at hospital or even at a surgery center, takes about eight hours. The office is so much more efficient than going to the hospital. I did not experience pain during the surgery – I felt nothing at all – I was actually watching it.  I have no scars, didn’t need physical therapy after and when my finger locked I was able to have the procedure to correct it the same day! I was desperate, surprised and amazed at how quickly my surgeon was able to correct the problem.  If I had to have the procedure again, I would do so but only with my surgeon!”

Case: USA ECRB release- elbow

“I would recommend it. I think I only paid my co-pay. Before (USAOP surgery) I was in constant pain. I could not sleep, [I had] pain every day. The procedure was effective. I got good relief out of it.  Hospitals are so impersonal.  In the office, I know everyone. It was a more relaxed environment… (re: use of pain medication) I think maybe 3 days, probably [used] 10 pills of prescription meds…(re: surgery with local anesthesia) Laughs. It was fine.”